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Over the past decade, grateful parents have affectionately dubbed Lynsi Eastburn the “Spirit Baby Whisperer” because of her seemingly uncanny ability to help them to conceive.  With the increasing popularity of television shows like the Dog Whisperer and Ghost Whisperer, “whisperer” is becoming the word of choice in describing extraordinary communication abilities that facilitate powerful healing.

Lynsi IS accepting clients around the world through in-office visits, telephone, and Skype: Countries include the US and Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zeland, Germany, Iceland, the UAE, Israel, Greece, India,
and many others . . .

Natural Conception and ART


In October 2014 Lynsi was featured in a four-part fertility special on Colorado's Best. Watch this segment to get to know Lynsi a little better, and have a peek inside her clinic:

Lynsi Eastburn has been helping women to become pregnant for more than a dozen years. She is a pioneer in the field of hypnosis for fertility and has been teaching her program HypnoFertility® to therapists worldwide for the past decade. This is her life purpose, her dharma, her path; she is very good at what she does. Lynsi has won awards for her groundbreaking work including the prestigious Hypnosis Research Award in 2005 from the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Education & Literature Award.

Besides teaching her work to other professionals, Lynsi has written two books chronicling her thousands of clinical hours: It's Conceivable! Hypnosis for Fertility and the recently released The 3 Keys to Conception: Pregnancy Against All Odds.
Lynsi knows that her clients resonate with her energetically through her words: those on her web sites and the stories she shares in her books.

If you feel you would like to connect with Lynsi personally, please e-mail us at: or call 303-424-2331. If you're not quite sure please read It's Conceivable!--Hypnosis for Fertility and/or The 3 Keys to Conception--Pregnancy Against All Odds and you will have your answer.

Lynsi has found over the years that appointments are always available to those who are supposed to work with her. She trusts in this process and encourages you to do so as well.


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