Lynsi Eastburn: Spirit Baby Whisperer

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It's Conceivable!

From the Back Cover of It's Conceivable!
“I just know there is a baby there, I just know it.” These words are ever familiar to Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn. Edana Lynne was conceived naturally in 2003 after her mom underwent just one hypnotherapy session with Eastburn. Even after 11 years of infertility marked by dozens of medical procedures and drugs, Edie’s mom “knew there was a baby there.” Eastburn believed her. Today, 2-year-old Edie is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her baby brother due in November of 2006. “There’s more to it,” says Eastburn referring to her clients’ fertility issues. “It’s not as simple as a physiological diagnosis—I’ve seen it over and over again. And oftentimes the diagnosis is ‘unexplained infertility’ which means they can find no cause at all. The issue(s) must be addressed holistically: mind/body/spirit.” That’s exactly what Eastburn does in her Colorado hypnosis clinic. The result: BABIES! Often after as few as one or two hypnosis sessions, women with diagnoses ranging from the physiological to unexplained infertility, including those told by top specialists that they would never have a baby of their own, are becoming pregnant. Naturally or utilizing hypnotherapeutic support in conjunction with ART these women’s dreams are coming true.

A few of Lynsi's Whispers . . .
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