Lynsi Eastburn: Spirit Baby Whisperer

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About Working With Lynsi

Lynsi's unique style effectively blends the worlds of science and spirit (logic and creativity) through the practice of hypnotism. She is a highly skilled hypnotherapist and a powerful intuitive. Lynsi is often affectionately referred to as both a spirit baby whisperer and spiritual midwife, by clients and students alike, due to her enigmatic ability to facilitate the conception of countless babies. She helps her clients achieve success--often when they have been told it's impossible, often when she is their last hope. Lynsi supports both natural and medically assisted conception, and her techniques are complementary to both. She is a natural nurturer and her patient, protective qualities enable her to provide a sense of safety and security, and to hold the space her clients so desperately need to connect with their babies. Lynsi has helped thousands of (mostly) women navigate the depths of a world of hidden possibilities and meanings. She is described as having an uncanny insight and ability to quickly and effectively pinpoint the direction of the work needed to bring healing to the lives of those she works with.

Because of the magnitude of the work and the increasing demands on her time, Lynsi requires a commitment of 4 sessions (minimum) for all clients (except under extenuating circumstances which must be determined on an individual basis). If this does not resonate with you it's not for you. We wish you the best. With only so many hours in the day, Lynsi's availability is obviously limited. Fortunately hypnosis is considered "rapid change" work and Lynsi typically works with women/couples from between 4 to 12 sessions. Though you may have heard of Lynsi's clients conceiving after as few as 1 or 2 sessions with her (yes, this is true), please realize that her years of experience have shown that 12 sessions is the average time necessary to address the multifaceted issue of infertility.

Lynsi's work is unique in that time is very much of the essence for people dealing with infertility. Fortunately, due to the nature of the hypnotic process, she is able to welcome new clients into her practice frequently. To avoid disappointment, however, it is advised to schedule as far ahead as possible. Should Lynsi's schedule be unable to accommodate you, we are be happy to provide you with a referral.

Due to lack of availability of qualified HypnoFertility® therapists in various areas of the world, Lynsi now works with clients via phone and/or Skype. This also gives her the option of continuing (or beginning) work with out-of-town clients who are only able to see her in person once or twice or of working directly with those who resonate with her but would otherwise be unable to travel to see her. Lynsi also works in tandem with--or as a consultant to--other therapists worldwide.

Lynsi works with women and/or couples. Typically women enjoy the time for themselves, but partners are most welcome. Lynsi also works with male factor infertility.

***The oldest naturally pregnant client
Lynsi has had in her practice: 49; the oldest
IVF client: 52.

Lynsi works with clients worldwide via telephone or Skype . . .

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